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Tawney Brunsch Named Emerging Leader of the Year



Lakota Funds Executive Director, Tawney Brunsch, received the Emerging Leader Award during the 18th Annual National NeighborWorks® Excellence Awards ceremony that highlights the work of leaders and the organizations they serve as a way of celebrating significant accomplishments. Specifically, The Emerging Leader Award recognizes an Executive Director or CEO of an organization with less than five years as a member of NeighborWorks and whose energy and innovation has produced critical results and added value to the organization and the network.

During her acceptance speech, Tawney said, “To be recognized individually is like icing, because I love what I do.”

Tawney was one of three leaders in the nation’s community development field who received an award during the ceremony. The others were: Don Patrick of North East Community Action Corporation who received the Richard H Stallings Lifetime Achievement Award and Sharon Lee of Low Income Housing Institute who received the Practitioner of the Year Award. The ceremony also featured for the first time, the NeighborWorks Founders Award, which was received by Jeanette Duncan and Margo Kelly with Alan Arthur and Chris Krehmeyer named as Honorable Mentions.

Expanding and formalizing a long-standing partnership, Lakota Funds became a NeighborWorks America® Chartered Member in March 2021. To date, this partnership has leveraged the strengths of both organizations to promote homeownership, community revitalization, and job creation on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations.