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Homeownership Services Now Offered at New Oglala Lakota Artspace Building




The Lakota Federal Credit Union and Lakota Funds have opened second locations at the new Oglala Lakota Arts Center, which is just west of the Pine Ridge Chamber building. While these additional offices will focus on supporting Lakota families who are pursuing homeownership, the main locations for both organizations in Lakota Trade Center will continue to provide all regular services.

“As we continue to collaborate with Lakota Federal Credit Union, we are able to expand the services that each of our organizations offer. This newest development at Oglala Lakota Arts Center will enable aspiring homeowners to easily tap into a full range of homeownership services, from financial education to mortgages,” says Tawney Brunsch, Executive Director of Lakota Funds.

Lakota Funds’ new location will provide essential education and coaching to help individuals and families become mortgage-ready. While the Credit Union’s new branch will offer all regular services – opening accounts, deposits, withdrawals, check cashing, etc. – it will also be staffed with a full-time mortgage lender.

“We are pleased that the Lakota Federal Credit Union continues to grow as we serve more and more community members. By delivering our services across more locations with additional staff, we’ll be able to serve our members at a quicker pace. In addition, we are grateful to have a strong partnership with Lakota Funds to provide our members with a wide range of homeownership services,” says Shayna Ferguson, Branch Manager of Lakota Federal Credit Union.

The opening of this new location comes on the heels of the Credit Union’s mortgage loan limit increase from $75,000 to $150,000. Ferguson explains this adjustment will further expand their capability to serve homeowners with greater capital needs.

The Oglala Lakota Arts Center was built in partnership with Lakota Funds, Lakota Federal Credit Union, First Peoples Fund, and ArtSpace. The building also features office space for First Peoples Fund and artist studio space for several local artists.