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Ronnie Brings Plenty
Quilting & Sewing

Ronnie Brings Plenty is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. She is a mother of four and a full-time student at Oglala Lakota College where she is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing. Born and raised in Oglala, South Dakota, she currently operates her business from her home. Ronnie is a self taught multi-media artist, specializing in traditional Lakota garments. Learning to sew from her father as a child, she acquired the skills of an expert seamstress. She soon began designing clothing for her father and then later for her children.

Ronnie became more interested in making traditional artwork by working with Deborah White Plume and learning how to bead and create traditional designs. In 1999 her Auntie Belva Poor Elk taught her how to make star quilts. What makes Ronnie’s pieces so unique is that each piece is individually hand sewn. She always chooses to sew by hand stating that she feels like she has more artistic control of where she wants to take her designs. Everything Ronnie creates is a piece of wearable art that gives you a sense of pride and happiness. All pieces are unique and made to order.

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