Lakota Funds
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  • (605) 455-2500
  • M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Gathering Feedback

Please let us know what you think about our programs and services.




Lakota Funds offers a wide range of programming to help people build assets or start and grow small businesses.


Business Coaching & Training

Through our business training programs, we provide opportunities for community members, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small businesses to build on their dream of owning and operating a small business.



Business Loans

We offer loans up to $300,000 for small businesses and agriculture operations.




Credit Builder Loan

Our credit builder loan has a maximum amount of $2,500 and can be used to pay off dings in your credit such as garnishments, written off loans, or other collection items.


Financial Capability

We offer a one-day course using the Building Native Communities curriculum, designed to help Native Americans adapt traditional skills of resource management to the wise management of financial resources.



As part of our homeownership conversion efforts in the Eagle Nest Housing neighborhood, we are delivering financial education, homebuyer education, and post purchase education classes to residents to inform them of the benefits and responsibilities of homeownership.


Matched Savings

The Lakota Tiwahe Family Asset Building project is a program where low-income participants open a matched savings account, or Individual Development Account (IDA), to be used specifically for building assets.


Tax Preparation/VITA

We provide free tax preparation services to our community members.



If you’d like to provide feedback on our programs and services, please send us an email using the link below. We want to hear what you think is working well and what areas could be improved.