About the Building Native Industry Institute

In late 2013, Lakota Funds launched the Building Native Industry Institute, a program designed to help Native entrepreneurs on the Pine Ridge Reservation improve business skills through increased access to business education opportunities. Funded through the Administration for Native Americans, this three-year project:

    • Facilitated at least 26 business education classes through 11 public access points.
    • Delivered business education training to hundreds of people.
    • Provided knowledge and information that helped create new businesses.
    • Launched an online learning center with 24-7 access to business education classes.

Using the Building Native Industry Institute Online Learning Center

The Building Native Industry Institute Online Learning Center enables Native entrepreneurs to access a variety of business education courses, complete with videos and downloadable  worksheets, while overcoming common challenges, such as distance and time restraints, regularly related to accessing business education in rural areas. This online platform houses an abundance of virtual trainings designed to help improve skills in the areas of starting, growing, running, managing finances for, and marketing a business. Each course also incorporates a pre- and post-test so that entrepreneurs can gauge how they have improved their skills in the course matter.

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