Marlen Featherman expanded his landscaping business, Wiyaka Wicasa, through Lakota Funds' matched savings program and a small loan. Read more on Marlen.

Business Training

Through our business training programs, Lakota Funds provides opportunities for community members, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small businesses to build on their dream of owning and operating a small business.

“Start Right: Build Your Own Business”

This three-week course utilizes the “Start Right Build Your Own Business” curriculum based on the book written by Jeannine Lecy and The American Center for Credit Education. Jeannine Lecy, President and CEO of Egan Enterprises, Inc., has a passion for giving small businesses, and those who dream of opening businesses, the tools and guidance they need to succeed. The American Center for Credit Education is a non-profit, accredited organization whose mission is to make national standardized credit and financial education available to all consumers.
The purpose of this course is to prepare you for what to expect, and to give you as much practical information as possible so that you can start and manage a viable business. “Start Right” guides you step by step through the process of turning your idea into a successful business. In each chapter, you’ll read true stories about business owners’ experiences that can give you real-life insights about running a business. You will also answer questions and complete activities. Sometimes you may find yourself working on activities from more than one chapter at a time.