With a loan from Lakota Funds, Louis Young was able to build Arrow Barber Shop, where he now gives hair cuts to the residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Success Coaching

The Business Success Coaches at Lakota Funds create a nurturing environment for community businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our well-trained coaches work in the community helping each business and potential entrepreneur to achieve their dreams and goals. Small business success coaching is designed to provide client-centered, hands-on coaching uniquely tailored to the needs and circumstances of our entrepreneurs on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Regardless of where you may be at in the business planning process, our Business Success Coaches are able to help you develop an action plan to make your entrepreneurial desires a reality. A partial list of services include:

Technical Assistance

A Business Success Coach can help you on various tasks, such as projecting cash flows, business planning, or finding the resources to develop your business idea.


Effective marketing is an important element in business success. The Business Success Coaches at Lakota Funds can help you evaluate your competition on and off the reservation, effectively advertise your business, and create a price for your product or service that will make you money.


If you need help with overall operations, a Business Success Coach will help you determine what type of business structure is best for you, understand the different type of taxes that will affect your business, and get familiar with the different codes that are in policy on and off the reservation that will benefit their business.

Our success coaches are backed by a network of businesses and resources in the pursuit of the private sector economy for the Pine Ridge Reservation. Besides coaching new business ventures in the start-up phase, the success coaches at Lakota Funds also assist private businesses who are struggling for various reasons or who are contemplating expansion.