Barrett and Steph Haas have partnered with Lakota Funds to instill the value of wise resource management in their children while they are participating in the matched savings program with a goal of purchasing a home. Read the full story.

Resource Links

Lakota Funds believes much of our success is due to strategic collaboration with valued partners. Following are links we hope you find useful.

American Center for Credit Education. The American Center for Credit Education (ACCE) is a nonprofit, accredited organization, whose mission is to make available to all consumers, through various community resources, national standardized credit and financial education. ACCE works on a grassroots level with nonprofit credit counseling and housing agencies and community organizations throughout the United States to encourage, influence, support, and educate consumers about their financial responsibilities.

CFED. The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) is a national nonprofit based in Washington, DC dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for low-income families and communities. CFED uses a “think-do-invest” approach grounded in community practice, public policy and private markets.

Mazaska. Founded in 2004, Mazaska Owecaso Otipi Financial (Mazaska) creates homeownership opportunities for the members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe living on, or in the communities adjacent to, the Pine Ridge Reservation. Mazaska is a Native community development financial institution whose mission is to create safe and affordable housing opportunities by providing loans, development services and financial insight to empower our Native people to build assets and create wealth.

SDIBA. The South Dakota Indian Business Alliance (SDIBA) is a group of community partners committed to growing Indian business in South Dakota. Their mission is to enhance Indian Business development by leveraging partnerships and resources of diverse institutions and organizations.