Jason Schoch, part owner of Old West Gypsy Market, used a loan from Lakota Funds to start his business and provide visitors with a unique cultural experience to his coffee shop, gift gallery, and farmers market. Read more.

Online Resource Center

Through funding from USDA Rural Development, Lakota Funds has developed this Online Resource Center where entrepreneurs located everywhere can access pre-recorded webinar trainings to help them improve their business operations. This is just one of the technology-based solutions that Lakota Funds is utilizing to help Native entrepreneurs overcome distance barriers related to access resources. Check back regularly to find newly added trainings.

Employer Taxes & Payroll

This 60-minute webinar helps small businesses understand payroll and employer taxes and provides tips for employers to prepare for a successful year-end tax season. Payroll documentation, employee benefits, employer responsibilities, and tax forms are covered.

Overview of Marketing

This 2-hour webinar provides a comprehensive overview of marketing concepts and strategies for small business owners. Topics covered include: results of effective marketing, getting to know your target audience, creating an impactful brand and message, and developing and implementing a marketing plan. In addition, the webinar provides ideas for several low-cost marketing methods that attendees can utilize themselves.

Overcoming Marketing Challenges

Business owners on the Pine Ridge Reservation face many of the same challenges that entrepreneurs all over the country deal with on a regular basis. However, our local business owners face additional challenges due to the unique circumstances on our reservation. This 90-minute webinar builds upon a survey of business owners to: 1) identify and address the most common marketing challenges, and 2) develop solutions to help business owners of the Pine Ridge Reservation overcome these challenges.

Year-End Tax Preparation for Contractors

This 45-minute webinar covers various employer responsibilities, tax forms, and tax codes that are essential for a contractor to know when it comes time to prepare year-end taxes.