Kolton Wisecarver, first participant in youth matched savings program, is saving to expand his rodeo bucking stock business. Read more on Kolton.

Youth IDA Program

Lakota Funds offers a matched savings, or Individual Development Account (IDA), program to teach our Lakota youth the value and benefits of saving money. Youth IDA Program participants combine personal financial skills and asset-specific training with group meetings and a savings plan.

How it Works

Once enrolled in the IDA Program, a participant opens their savings account and makes minimum monthly deposits of $25.00 for at least six months and up to two years. Lakota Funds deposits $2.00 for every $1.00 a participant deposits. Participants can deposit up to $1,440, and Lakota Funds deposits up to $2,880, for a grand total of $4,320 to be used towards asset-specific purchases. Upon completion of the program, participants can withdraw their savings to attain post-secondary education or start or expand a business. All participants attend monthly support meetings and complete asset-specific training.

Eligibility Guidelines

Household Size
Maximum Gross Household Income

Program Requirements

Steps to Enroll

If you meet the eligibility guidelines, you may take the following steps to enroll in the Lakota Tiwahe Family Asset Building Project.

1. Complete the application form.
2. Call 605-455-2500 and schedule an interview appointment with Douglas Patton, Lakota Funds Success Coach.