Kim Trujillo started Bow-K’s with the help of Lakota Funds and now provides sweet treats and floral arrangements to help the residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation celebrate special occasions.

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Native community development financial institutions are a largely overlooked and low risk avenue to socially responsible lending. As a 501c3 non-profit organization and a Native CDFI certified by the US Treasury, Lakota Funds has a proven track record for bringing a financial return along with documented community impact. Our unique but effective risk management strategies result in excellent loan portfolio performance.

Lakota Funds uses investments to lend to Lakota entrepreneurs who have demonstrated the desire and motivation to bring their business to life through a comprehensive planning and training process. By investing in Lakota Funds you are putting money directly into new and expanding businesses on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, creating jobs, and providing much-needed goods and services, potentially touching the lives of hundreds of Oglala Lakota people. We offer our investors flexible rates and terms, but most of our investments are repaid within a 3-year period with an average interest rate of 2.5%.

2014 Investment Prospectus

For more information on investing in Lakota Funds, download our 2014 Investment Prospectus. This document provides an overview of the work that Native community development financial institutions as well as an overview of what kind of community impact investors can expect as a result of their investment. Download the Lakota Funds Investment Prospectus.