Marlene McDonald

Marlene McDonald used a loan and grant from Lakota Funds' Su Owojupi (They're Planting) Project to plant a garden that will infuse the Pine Ridge Reservation with a variety of fresh vegetables and help mitigate health issues caused from living in a food desert. Read more.

Make Your Move…A Guide to Homeownership

The curriculum used for this three-week course is named, appropriately enough, “Make Your Move… A Guide to Homeownership”. This home-buying guide was developed by the American Center for Credit Education and is HUD certified, accepted by South Dakota Housing and Rural Development and used in 32 states. Over 15,000 people have used it to become certified to receive a homebuyer certificate. The book consists of a pre-test, nine lessons, and nine tests at the end of each lesson. Beginning with Lesson 1,”You Want to Buy a House: Where do you begin?”, to Lesson 8, “You Are a Homeowner! What Now?”, the lessons are concise and to the point, and most of all, they are easy to understand. All tests are “open book” and are designed to prepare you with the information you need to navigate through the sometimes-stressful process of home buying. Upon completion of the class, each participant will receive a certificate.